- Gain more bookings and increase profits with a booking engine built especially for hotels and hostels

If you could increase direct bookings (bookings from your own website, Facebook page, or other social media) to a level that will reduce your cost for external booking sites and agencies by 35%-70%, would you be interested? But, how can you achieve this?

Hotel reservation engine for mobile devices

IWBmob has the answer

We've introduced IWBmob, a booking technology designed to improve the user-experience for users of all devices. This ensures that virtually all visitors to your website or social media can quickly and easily book your hotel or hostel. When was the last time you tested your current booking engine or website to make sure it works on an all of these devices: an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, and multiple computer screens ranging from 1024px to 2736px, and more?

  • How many potential customers, and reservations, are you losing for each unsupported device?
  • How much does your profit margin decline due to the loss of direct bookings, while you fill your beds with online travel agencies?
  • Are you using booking sites with commission rates in the 12%-30% range, or using sites with commissions of 8% or less?

Before the mobile era, none of these questions mattered much. But now, it's crucial to consider mobile responsive web design in your choice of website and booking engine providers.

So is your current booking engine built with mobile responsive web design? More than 50% of commercially available booking engines don't work consistently across all device types. IWBmob does. We offer a mobile-first design, which means that your booking engine will respond flexibly to all types of computers and devices, with an emphasis on mobile users. After all, more than 25% of worldwide travel bookings are made on mobile devices. And, mobile bookings are increasing at a rate of 20% or more each year in many countries. With IWBmob, you have the confidence that you are maximizing reservations from all users.

IWBmob offers this confidence, but not only with flawless performance on all devices. It also offers major benefits to your customers, particularly users of mobile devices, by providing the best experience possible. We adhere to principles that streamline and enhance the booking process. For users of our new booking engine, the experience surpasses almost any modern booking site.

  • Leading edge mobile aesthetics
  • Ultra-responsive interface
  • Streamlined user experience

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Is your hotel booking system interfering with your direct bookings growth?

How do you know? Maybe your current booking system is one of the more sophisticated ones. Maybe it generates reservations. But, does it promote the same basic principles that will maximize reservations? Here are the first questions to ask.

When an average customer visits your website or your booking system, do they instantly recognize how to make a reservation with you?

Responsive mobile booking engines for accommodation
The airplane cockpit conundrum

Instant recognition is very important. We're talking about average visitors to your website, not technical IT professionals. For example, if they're looking at your booking interface on their phone (small screen), and they need to pause to figure out what to do next, then the booking system has already failed. This is called the airplane cockpit conundrum. The booking system provider may have done an excellent job of creating a sophisticated tool, but your customers don't want sophistication. They're thinking about their vacation or trip. They only need simplicity and security. If they're staring at your interface like it's the dashboard of an airplane cockpit, then they're going to quickly move on to other sites to book. You lose the customer, and the reservation.

When potential customers visit your website or booking system, are they confronted with information overload?

Hotel reservation engine for mobile devices
The information overload conundrum

Visitors to your website need to be able to quickly navigate your booking process to confirm their reservation. When booking engines present multiple calendars on the page, colorful depictions of options, and lots of steps before confirming a reservation, this is called information overload. It leads to confusion and frustration. Calendars should be visible on the page only when the user selects them. Your guest should be able to confirm their booking in only 3 - 4 clicks, maximum. Average users don't want to wade through a lengthy series of options and choices, and pass through multiple steps, just to get to the confirmation button. Remember, these are travelers thinking about their trip, who simply want to reserve easily. If they're walking through your interface like it's a job application, then they're going to quickly move on to other sites to book. You lose the customer, and the reservation.

IWBmob solves these problems

Our booking engine is optimized for hotels, hostels, and accommodation of all types. IWBmob ensures you will maximize profit margin, and not lose direct bookings.

Our new mobile-first design is elegant and intuitive.

IWBmob provides a streamlined and simple booking experience for all your customers. Through extensive research and testing, we've solved the problems of information overload and the airplane cockpit conundrum. We've addressed all the small details. Even the email confirmations your guests receive include the same design principles, which is important for mobile users.

When potential customers visit your website, they'll stay longer and feel more confident booking with you.

You want to convert as many new visitors to your website as possible (conversions = reservations). With IWBmob, they won't be dissuaded by your booking system, and book elsewhere. We can't overemphasize how important this is. Check out our demos to see how IWBmob will work on your website.

Don't forget Facebook.

If you don't yet use the IWBmob booking engine on your Facebook page, you're missing out on a free method of instantly boosting your exposure. We can show you how. Just contact us.

Reduce your cost for online booking agencies (OTAs) by 35%-70%.

When you maximize direct bookings from your website, you minimize the need for online booking agencies (OTAs). IWBmob takes care of that. Then, to truly achieve a boost in profit margin, you need to reduce your cost for external reservations from online booking agencies. With Italy Instant Booking and our community of over 100 booking websites, you get the lowest cost for reservations from a global leader in online hotel and hostel bookings (currently 8% commission). If you're still paying 12%-30% commissions for booking sites, start pulling back, and let us do the job for you.

Check out our Booking Engine Demos

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Each demo represents a hotel homepage. These demos illustrate the power of a truly integrated booking engine on your website.

Demo #1
Demo #2

Power tip:  Select one of our innovative website designs for your own hotel website, or contact us about website design services.

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