€40 mỗi đêm
€40 mỗi đêm
Therasia Sea Garden, Agrigento, Italy

Therasia Sea Garden

Agrigento, Italy - Via Salvatore Leonardi, 32, C/da Le Dune

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Sự miêu tả - Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast Therasia Sea Garden rises on a height pointed out on the beach of Dunes of Saint Leone. The structure is a modern pluripiano villa with garden, cured from the owners who share it with the appreciate guests.

To catch up the beach is not difficult, beside the structure finds a distance between the trees very marked that door directly to the beach, is not necessary to take some means of transport.

Taking instead the automobile, the any motion or other means, can easily be caught up the zone of the storees (Mosè Village), lungomare Falcon - Borsellino, or the numerous kiosks that represent the true heart of the summery nocturnal life of the place. Always in zone, it is possibilie to rent Kayak or Biciclette.

For lunches and suppers, the distant not to lungomare offers to a good number of Restaurants and Pizzerie with menù of fresh fish or meat.

  • Therasia Sea Garden, Agrigento, Italy, Italy khách sạn và ký túc xá
  • Therasia Sea Garden, Agrigento, Italy, Đọc các nhận xét khách sạn từ những người bạn đồng hành và đặt chuyến phiêu lưu tiếp theo của bạn ngay hôm nay trong Agrigento
Vũ trụ
  • Loại tài sản: Bed and breakfast
  • Bed and breakfast phòng / căn hộ: 2
  • Phân loại công cộng: 3
Bed and breakfast phòng trọ

Giá thấp nhất có sẵn: €40

Double Single

Bed and breakfast tiện nghi

Beach Bicycle rental Breakfast included Linen included Parking (free)

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Balconies Bidet Non-smoking rooms Ocean view rooms Shared bathroom

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€40 mỗi đêm

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Vị trí - Bed and breakfast

Via Salvatore Leonardi, 32, C/da Le Dune
Provincia di Agrigento
Sicilia (Sicily)
Italy  92100

Vĩ độ: 37.24289, Kinh độ: 13.61538

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Follow the street to the "Dune", turn right after the dune and then go up to the "Nettuno Camp", then go right.

If you call us, we will meet you in a very unmissable place!