€65 प्रति रात्रि
€65 प्रति रात्रि
BnB La Pomposa, Modena, Italy

BnB La Pomposa

Modena, Italy - Via Piave, 68, Via Cerca 13

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विवरण - Bed and breakfast

Our structure is very friendly, can provide all the privacy you'll need and all the assistance required.

We provide a whole apartment located in the historic center of Modena (Piazza Pomposa). The peculiarities of the building is the central location, proximity to the station and free parking in the surrounding areas.

Cleanliness is the "must" and welcome its outline, we will offer you a rich breakfast, which is the best way to start a vacation day!

  • BnB La Pomposa, Modena, Italy, Italy होटल और हॉस्टल
  • BnB La Pomposa, Modena, Italy, सस्ती छुट्टी पर जाओ में Modena
  • संपत्ति के प्रकार: Bed and breakfast
  • Bed and breakfast कमरे / इकाइयाँ: 2
  • सार्वजनिक वर्गीकरण: 1
Bed and breakfast आवास

सबसे कम कीमत में उपलब्ध: €65

Double Single
  • बाद में जाँच करें: 1:30pm
  • पहले देख लें: 9:00am

Bed and breakfast आराम

Breakfast included Gay friendly Multi-lingual staff Open 24 Hours Parking (free) WIFI (free)

कक्ष की सुविधाएं

The Bed and Breakfast "The Pomposa" consists of a single "Kiwii", cozy and quiet, the room "Mango", for the most demanding with double bed, a living room with kitchenette and a bathroom for every need.

Bidet Private bathroom Television WIFI library tv plasma tv room wi-fi free

आस - पड़ोस
रूचि के बिंदु
  • Piazza Grande 0, 8 km
  • Palazzo Ducale 0, 2 Km
  • Museo Enzo Ferarri 0, 1 km
  • Accademia 0, 3 km
  • Università Economy 0, 8 Km
  • Novisad 0, 8 km
  • Stazione dei treni 0, 4 km
  • Policlinico 2, 2 km

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€65 - 150 प्रति रात्रि

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स्थान - Bed and breakfast

Via Piave, 68, Via Cerca 13
Provincia di Modena
Emilia-Romagna (Regione Emilia-Romagna)
Italy  41121

अक्षांश: 44.65054, देशान्तर: 10.93581

वहाँ कैसे पहुंचें

The B & B La Pomposa is located in the historic center of Modena, near the railway station and bus station. Less than one hundred meters is the park with the Novi Sad Faculty of Economics.

The vehicles are recommended Buses, thanks to the station which is only 0. 2 km, and the bicycle as the B & B is in the heart of Modena.

निकटतम हवाई अड्डा: L'aeroporto di Bologna "Marconi" è distante circa 30 km.